Comics writer Mark Sable was detained by the TSA during a domestic flight yesterday when they discovered a script in his luggage for 'Unthinkable,' his Boom! Studios series about a government think tank that brainstorms potential terrorist plots, which are later carried out. Apparently they found the script in a random search, and became concerned that Sable -- who imagines potential terrorist plots in the series -- might be trying to carry them out.

His tweets from early May 10th:

-Wow.Just detained by TSA for over half hour.They read and questioned me about the script for Unthinkable

-Talk about life imitating art imitating life. I couldn't make this up if I tried.

-Nothing like starting the day explaining you're not a terrorist, but writing about them.

-I hope the TSA enjoyed the waterboarding in issue 3. At least they know comics aren't just about superheroes.

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-My privacy, a small price to pay for educating the government about the medium.

-Just hope TSA writes a spoiler free review for Unthinkable.

-Unthinkable is not that political. Tsa didn't read more subversive @Jonathan_Hickman 's Nightly News and dfw's infinite jest in my bag
-I'd almost prefer if the NSA was scanning my tweets and emails and flagged me.That would indicate a level of competence our security lacks.

Big Brother is here...but he's retarded.

I should have asked the TSA officers for a blurb. I suppose I can quote them on "WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?". Very Kafkaesque.

If you go back, to my old tweets, you can find that I made a comment about worrying writing this would affect my ability to travel.

At the time, I was referring to places like China or Israel. I wasn't thinking of the same domestic flight I take multiple times a year.

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