Ever since he started his digital-comics website, Thrillbent, Mark Waid has taken heat from a handful of comics retailers who have said he isn't supporting print comics. Now, those retailers can give him an earful in person at next year's Comics Professional Retail Organization meeting, because the Daredevil scribe is now officially the-co owner of Muncie, Indiana, comic shop Alter Ego Comics.

Waid and his partner, Christy Blanch, are now equal co-owners of the shop with Jason Pierce, who had been running the store as a solo operation. Waid wrote on his Thrillbent blog, " I have skin in the game, and I’m eager to see what there is to learn about the only side of the industry I’ve never involved myself with."

Waid and Blanch's buy-ins have helped move the store to a new, 1,200-square-foot location in downtown Muncie.

"It’s probably worth stopping by just to see all the props and memorabilia I’ve brought from home," he wrote. "Who else do you know who has both a full-size Phantom Zone projector and a scale-model replica of the Batcave?"

This purchase puts Waid in the "promient-creator-who-also-owns-a-comic-shop" category that includes DC Comics Chief Creative Officer and writer Geoff Johns, who owns two Earth-2 locations in California.

Waid promises another big announcement Thursday, which he says is even more monumental than his comic-shop-purchase news. I bet it's about his Superman-colored shoes.




I mean, look at those.

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