Mark Waid continued the roll-out of his digital comic announcements (including his contribution to Marvel's "Infinite" initiative and he and Jeremy Rock's "Luther" story) at this weekend's C2E2 convention with the news of a brand new digital publishing website called Thrillbent, as well as a new digital collaboration with his Irredeemable co-creator, Peter Krause. Are you ready for Waid and Krause to become Insufferable?Although Thrillbent, which Waid is setting up with assistance from John Rogers, co-creator of the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle and writer of IDW's recent Dungeons and Dragons series (as well as co-creator and showrunner of TNT's Leverage TV series), is described in its launch press release as "a one-stop showcase for all-new creator-owned digital comics by a number of established and up-and-coming talents, all eager to work in a wide and eclectic variety of genres," its first feature will focus on a genre near-and-dear to many fans' hearts: Superheroics.

Insufferable, which will launch with a series of weekly eight-to-ten page episodes by Waid and Krause, is described by Waid as being "about what happens when you have a kid sidekick who grows up to be a douchebag... to be a completely ungrateful, self-aggrandizing, Kanye West of a men who will not shut up about how much of a genius he is and how the world is a better place now that you guys are broken up because now he can do it all the way he wanted to do it," and the case that brings him back together with his superhero mentor. The series will be continue Waid's experiments with the digital format, with the long-time creator calling digital comics "a revolutionary new storytelling medium" when done right.

The new site will launch May 1 with the first episode of Insufferable, with more strips, both serials and one-off stories -- initially by Waid and collaborators, with other writers joining at a later date -- being added in weeks and months ahead.

[Via USA Today]

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