Marley Zarcone has collaborated with the likes of Matt Wagner on Madame Xanadu at Vertigo and talent percolator of 2010 Nick Spencer on his indie book Forgetless. That's no accident, either, because she's got a spunky look about her artwork that resembles the clean, slightly manga-ish approach of Brandon Graham and gently uses that cleanliness to sneak in dump-trucks full of detail. Her faces often come with dark, sunken adolescent eyes like you might typically expect to see in Becky Cloonan's comics.

Zarcone's deviantART account shows off an energized assortment of portraits and group scenes that demonstrate the kind of youthful exuberance and drama she can leave on a page. There's also a nifty take on Batgirl in there that may leave you curious to see what she could do with a full story.

Whatever she does next, if it looks like any of these pieces, it's going to be on a few of our pull lists.

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