Gerard Way's pop-up imprint Young Animal has only been alive for a couple of months but it's already proved to be one of the most exciting and innovative platforms in superhero comics in recent memory. Way as a creator has always been one to wear his influences on his sleeves, so it's not too surprising that as part of Young Animal's presence at November's NC Comicon, the imprint will host a film festival with picks curated by its creators.

There are nine films featured in The ComiQuest Film Festival for Dangerous Humans which is curated by Gerard Way, Tommy Lee Edwards, Nick Derington, Jody Houser, Jon Rivera, and Marley Zarcone, with two classics chosen for each of the four Young Animal titles. While the two films chosen for each comic might seem wildly dissimilar, their themes and messages can be found within the pages of the comics they influenced.


NC Comicon
NC Comicon


Doom Patrol is linked to The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai In The Eighth Dimension and Big Trouble In Little China, two very different films that readers of the title will understand completely how they thematically work together. Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye is paired with both 1976's At The Earth's Core and Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg's underrated The Adventures of Tintin, one of the best adventure movies of the past decade, if I do say so myself.

Shade The Changing Girl connects the dots between Mean Girls and They Live in a way only Young Animal could, and Mother Panic --- the only title not yet released --- is featured alongside A Clockwork Orange and The Phantom of Paradise which certainly gives us a better idea of what that title will entail.

The final of the nine films featured in the festival is the documentary NC Comicon: The Movie which both opens and closes the festival. Each film will play multiple times across two screening halls over the course of three days. For more details including show times, visit NC Comicon's website.


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