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Action And Drama Abound In 'MASK' #4 [Preview]
There's nothing wrong with being a property that was designed to sell toys in the 1980s. Plenty of today's beloved properties started out that way, especially the ones being published by IDW. But MASK: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand has always felt almost comically toyetic to me: Good and evil teams who wear special helmets that give them powers and ride in vehicles that transform into other vehicles. However, as we see in this preview from MASK #4, writer Brandon Easton and artist Tony Vargas have found the key to rising above that problem and making their characters feel like people: family melodrama.
The Bats Swoop Down In 'Mother Panic' #3 [Exclusive Preview]
Mother Panic, by Jody Houser and Tommy Lee Edwards, is about a new character who fights criminals as a high-tech masked vigilante in Gotham City. She wears a cape and a helmet with pointed ears, but her outfit is white, and she's clearly unaffiliated with Batman and his allies. In fact, when the premise was initially revealed, nobody was really sure if this was the Gotham of DC's Batman books, or a whole different take on that world. However, it's been set-up since the first issue that the Bat-Family have become aware of Mother Panic's activities. And in this third issue, she and Batwoman come face to face, leading to a fight and some weird angry flirting.
Best Covers Ever (This Year): IDW 2016 Edition
In the latest of our galleries celebrating the best covers of the year, we're looking at the best covers from IDW. IDW maintained its impressive and diverse line of licensed properties in 2016, from Ninja Turtles to Little Ponies, as well as ambitiously expanding and collating its Hasbro properties under the "Revolution" banner, and reviving and reinventing the Micronauts, M.A.S.K., and Rom.
Gerard Way To Host Young Animal Film Festival At NC Comicon
Gerard Way's pop-up imprint Young Animal has only been alive for a couple of months but it's already proved to be one of the most exciting and innovative platforms in superhero comics in recent memory. Way as a creator has always been one to wear his influences on his sleeves, so it's not too surprising that as part of Young Animal's presence at November's NC Comicon, the imprint will host a film festival with picks curated by its creators.
What You Might Have Missed In DC's January 2017 Solicitations
Every month, comic publishers release their solicitation announcements to provide information to readers and retailers on comics that are coming out in three months’ time, but there’s so much information dropped at once that a lot can slip through the cracks. This month in DC's January solicitations, we've got some surprising guest stars, some surprising guest artists, and the debut of one of the most ambitious books DC has published in a decade.
Matt Trakker's Working Overtime On The Covers For 'MASK' #1
Every time I'm reminded that one of the year's most hotly anticipated, high-profile launches is a brand-new MASK: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand series that exists completely apart from any toy line or TV show, I kinda feel like I need to start looking around for an eternally spinning top or something that will prove I am living in a dream world. I mean, this is something I've wanted for so long that I'm probably not going to be sure it's actually happening until that comic is in my hands. Now, though, we are one step closer to the reality. Today, IDW released the covers and solicitation for Brandon Easton, Tony Vargas, and Tommy Lee Edwards' MASK #1, giving us our first good look at the new designs for Matt Trakker and Miles Mayhem.
DC Unveils Covers For Young Animal's November Releases
DC's upcoming "pop-up" boutique Young Animal is one of the most anticipated projects of the year, and its debut is right around the corner. Curated by The Umbrella Academy's Gerard Way, it seeks to capture the spark of classic Vertigo while forging a bold new path of its own in the industry. Ahead of the November solicitations, DC has provided us with an exclusive first look at November's Young Animal releases, including the first issue of Jody Houser and Tommy Lee Edwards' Mother Panic.
Electric Bluegaloo Interlude: Pulp Heroes, Part One
Of all the strange transformations Superman has undergone in his 78-year history, none has been quite so derided as the year where his familiar costume and powers were replaced with a blue and white "containment suit" and a tenuous relationship with electricity. But that raises the question, was it really all that bad? Two decades later, we want to find out, so ComicsAlliance is taking a look back at the Electric Blue Era of Superman to find out not just what worked, but if anything worked. This is... Electric Bluegaloo. This week, we're taking a minor detour into the Annuals for a pair of pulp-inspired Electric Blue adventures.
A Superman Super-Fan On Max Landis' 'American Alien'
Max Landis is a divisive figure in modern pop culture, to say the least. The son of acclaimed director John Landis, he burst on the scene as the writer of the found-footage film Chronicle, about three friends who gain immense superpowers and find their friendships tested. He’s also known for his online rants about how Rey from Star Wars is a Mary Sue, or defending the casting of Scarlett Johansson in Ghost of the Shell. So he’s a man with opinions who likes to share them. He also recently finished up his first miniseries at DC Comics, Superman: American Alien, backed up by an impressive roster of A-list art talent, including Nick Dragotta, Jae Lee and Jock. The series follows Clark Kent at various points in his life from childhood through to his early days as Superman, and takes a more grounded approach to the Man of Steel, but often skims and bounces off the ground a bit too hard.

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