Just in time for the release of The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man films, Marvel Comics collaborated with 1928 Jewelry Co. to launch a jewelry and accessories collection inspired by some of Marvel's finest heroes, including Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, The Punisher, and Wolverine. Check out some of our favorite pieces in the Marvel Comics x 1928 Jewelry Co. collection after the jump!

With the popularity of last year's high-end DC Comics x nOir Jewelry collection, the 1928 x Marvel collaboration provides a similar touch of superheroic glamor to any wardrobe, but for a fraction of nOir Jewelry's prices. The collection includes spiderweb chandelier earrings, cuff links that resemble Captain America's shield, and even a miniature rhinestone-encrusted Mjölnir!

Spider-man Spider Drop Necklace, $24 [link]

Captain America Chandelier Earrings, $30 [link]

Thor Crystal Hammer Ring, $22 [link]

Wolverine Multi Logo Bracelet, $20 [link]

Punisher Bullet Dangle Earrings, $22 [link]

Spider-man Web Bracelet & Spider Ring, $78 [link]

Captain America "A" Wing Pendant Necklace, $18 [link]

Thor Charms Crystal Dangle Earrings, $18 [link]

Wolverine Claw Dangle Earrings, $16 [link]

Punisher Gun and Bullet Rings, $24 [link]

Spider-man Web Crystal Chandelier Earrings, $30 [link]

Wolverine Round Pendant Necklace, $12 [link]

Captain America Shield Belt Buckle, $28 [link]

Captain America Silver Shield Cuff Links, $28 [link]

Captain America Silver White Belt Buckle, $24 [link]

Thor Gold-Tone Wing Cuff Links, $24 [link]

Thor Silver Winged Belt Buckle, $24 [link]

Spider-man Head Cuff Links, $24 [link]

Spider-man Head Belt Buckle, $24 [link]

Punisher Oval Belt Buckle Black and Gold, $28 [link]

Check out the entire Marvel Comics x 1928 Jewelry Co. collection HERE.