Another week, another batch of Marvel promos for summer 2015 events with familiar titles: Infinity Gauntlet, House of M, Old Man Logan, Inumans: Attilan Rising. They joins a slew of other recycled titles including Armor Wars, Civil War, and Planet Hulk.

Then, today, things changed up a little. Marvel sent out an email for its newest summer 2015 event in the same format as it has been (one image with no text besides a title), but it doesn't have the title of an old series, though it does share a subtitle with a series of books that started about 12 years ago. It's called simply Ultimate Universe: The End.

Marvel has been publishing books with the subtitle The End since 2002's Hulk: The End. They've been presented as the "last" stories featuring particular characters, though 2003's Marvel: The End was touted as the last Marvel story (it was really more like the last Thanos story). Really, they read more like What If? books.

This might be something different, though. It's becoming clearer and clearer that these recycled titles are likely tie-ins to the multi-universe-spanning Secret Wars event coming next summer.

There has also been considerable speculation that the Ultimate Universe is likely winding down. One of the two remaining Ultimate books, All-New Ultimates, is ending in January. Ultimate FF ended in August. That leaves only Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man.

So there's a chance all this is going to come to a head at the same time. Close down the Ultimate Universe in a series about alternate universes and pull Miles Morales, the one lasting, popular character from the Ultimate line, into the regular Marvel U.

Of course, it could be that none of that happens. It's doubtful that whatever Marvel is going to do with House of M next summer will have much lasting impact, after all. Maybe this The End will just be another What If?-style story. Without any further information from Marvel, all we can do right now is speculate.

And hope that we don't get a retelling of Spider-Man: The Other.