In January 2016, ABC News began telling a story of what life is currently like in Syria through a profile of one family trapped in the city of Madaya. Through updates from a woman who came to be known as "Madaya Mom," ABC News was able to provide a unique look into the Syrian crisis. ABC News has now partnered with Marvel Comics to create a digital comic that tells the story of Madaya Mom in a wholly unique way.

The comic takes actual quotes from Madaya Mom, as well as reports from journalists Xana O'Neil and Rym Montaz, and combines them with art by Dalibor Talajic and Miroslav Mrva to provide a day-to-day account of life in Madaya, as the family must break down furniture for firewood and depend on foreign aid to eat.




Due to the situation in Madaya, no-one can get in or out of the city, so in order to better tell Madaya Mom's story, ABC News and Marvel joined forces for what they call a "graphic documentary" detailing what everyday people are going through. The city is under siege by forces loyal to the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad as part of the ongoing Syrian Civil War.

In a press release provided by Marvel, editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said, “This meticulously researched collaboration between ABC and Marvel goes where cameras can't and provides visuals to the true story of Madaya Mom --- a story that needs to be seen and told,"




Madaya Mom is now available to read online, and ABC News has also produced a Making of Madaya Mom video and a video profiling Dalibor Talajic.

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