Last year, Marvel, Activision and Beenox delivered what many critics and gamers hailed as the quintessential Spider-Man video game with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and rumors have been bouncing around the web lately that an announcement was forthcoming at this weekend's WonderCon about a possible sequel. Well, Web-Heads, it looks like the news broke a bit earlier than expected, as has officially announced details about the follow-up a day early.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time will follow the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler on yet another time-spanning adventure, once again featuring Amazing (e.g., "Modern Era") Spider-Man and his 88-years-from-now counterpart, Spider-Man 2099, as the two work together to "correct a timestream gone awry and prevent a catastrophic future brought on by the early and untimely death of Peter Parker" according to the release.But it ain't all vague plot teases, True Believers -- Marvel also dropped some juicy details about the follow-up for fans not able to attend this weekend's panel.

Dee Brown -- Studio Head at Beenox -- announced that the developer would once again enlist the creative chops of an established Spider-Man writer for the game; namely, legendary Marvel scribe Peter David, who as most hardcore Spider-fans know co-created the 2099 version of the character (writer Dan Slott played a major role in the overall story and dialogue of Shattered Dimensions, just in case you were wondering). The release also hinted at a "cause and effect" element that will be added to the gameplay, which as the name implies, will affect the overall outcome of the story and potentially result in some unexpected plot twists.

While no official date was given, it looks like Activision/Beenox are shooting for a fall release, and those attending the "Edge of Time" panel on Saturday will be treated to a sneak-peek at the upcoming title. Marvel will be liveblogging the event, but in the meantime, fans (and of course you haters too) can keep up with the latest news at the official Activision/Marvel games Facebook page, Hero HQ.

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