Hasbro began revealing action figures from Marvel's upcoming "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger" films earlier this year in San Diego, but this past weekend the toymaker proved it still had plenty of surprises for fans at New York Comic Con with new looks at both heroes, plus Winter Soldier, U.S. Agent, Crossbones, Captain Britain and more.

The "Captain America" movie line showed off several versions of Cap, including modern and WWII era costumes sporting deluxe weaponry, a paratrooper getup and even an armored car. The comic book side of the line showed strong offerings as well, with new figures of a kind of movie-fied Captain Britain, the Winter Soldier, U.S. Agent and Crossbones.

"Thor" had fewer new items on hand, although there was a new version of the Odinson with a clear Mjolnir (likely a lightning-related deco) and a costume-friendly plastic helmet that will likely look good alongside Hulk hands or Iron Man's electronic helmet.

Check out the new items below:

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