Fox News Latino's Victor Garcia conducted a pretty candid conversation with Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso to discuss the increased visibility of hispanic characters in the comics he produces i.e. Miss America Chavez in Young Avengers and Miles Morales in Ultimate-Spider-Man. A Mexican-American himself, Alonso talked about Marvel characters like Luke Cage, who's black; Shang-Chi, who's Chinese; and the original White Tiger, who's Hispanic as being positive influences on him as a young reader, and what he said was the publisher's responsibility to make readers of all creeds, colors and sizes feel included. "This isn't some PC initiative, this is capitalism. This is about supply and demand," Alonso added, referencing the demographic shifts in America that have affected many dimensions of the economy and politics.

Additionally, Alonso talked about the role cultural stereotypes can play in comic book superheroes, both positively and negatively, citing his involvement with the creation of the luchador-inspired Zapata Brothers, based on his own background and family. Alonso goes into more detail about his heritage in a second clip, and you can see both at Fox News Latino.

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