Marvel is going hipster with the new screenwriter hired to rewrite its Guardians of The Galaxy movie. Despite being responsible for some of the hottest screenplays in Hollywood for the last few years, it's no use looking up Chris McCoy on IMDb; you won't have seen any of his movies.

[Potential spoilers after the jump]That's because Guardians, Marvel Studios' second movie of 2014, is likely to be the first movie that McCoy has scripted that will actually get made. Three of McCoy's previous screenplays - Get Back, Good Looking and Good Kids - have appeared on the Black List, an annual collection of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood, being praised specifically for their "quirky, comedic bent."

McCoy will rewrite the existing Guardians screenplay, written by Nicole Perlman, a graduate of the company's now-defunct screenwriters program. The movie, which currently has no director, is believed to center on the most recent comic book incarnation of the team, featuring Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, and the non-humanoid living tree Groot and talking procyonid Rocket Racoon, facing off against Thanos, who made his debut at the end of this summer's The Avengers:

Guardians of The Galaxy is scheduled for an August 2014 release.

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