Dormant since 2010's Spider-Man: Fever series, as revealed by today's solicitation info the Marvel Knights imprint is coming back in a big way. It's a little bit of a different creature than you might remember, though. The imprint will still feature top-tier Marvel characters, but exclusively in mini-series by creators whose names one might associate with creator-owned work.

Marvel announced three such series today: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man by Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) and Marco Rudy (Swamp Thing), Marvel Knights: X-Men by Brahm Revel (Guerilla) and Marvel Knights: Hulk by Joe Keatinge (Glory) and Piotr Kowalski (Sex).

MK: Hulk will be four issues, while the other two series will be five. MK: Spider-Man, which pits Spidey against 99 different villains is first up in October. MK: X-Men, which focuses on Wolverine, Rogue and Kitty Pryde dealing with angry townsfolk as they try to recruit new students at the Jean Grey School, follows in November. Then in December, MK: Hulk finds Bruce Banner on the run from a mysterious pursuer in Paris.

The first-issue covers show the new version of the imprint will have a cover layout Marvel has been fond of in recent years: A window of art at the top, with a big box for text underneath:



The Marvel Knights imprint was made famous in the late 1990s and early 2000s by stories like Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada's run on Daredevil and the start of Garth Ennis' monumental Punisher run. Many of MK's most prominent stories have even been adapted into animated motion comic features.