If you somehow have been living on a derelict space station that only just crashed back down on Earth and you missed out on the months of hype for Captain America: Civil War, I guess it's a little late for a Spider-Man spoiler warning. To be fair, even Marvel couldn't help but spill the beans on the webhead's arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by showing him off in trailers and images well before the film hit theaters. Oddly though, while there is plenty of Captain America and Iron Man merchandise to be found from the new film, there's nary a Spider-Man figure to be seen. That changes this summer.

Hasbro's Marvel Legends line will add the updated MCU/Sony version of Spider-Man to the line in a special three-pack in August. The incredibly articulated figure shares the same body type as the most recent Spider-Man toys, which is terrific from a poseability standpoint, but it feels like a missed opportunity to have him continue to be at the same size and scale of adult Peter Parker.

That said, the Spidey looks like a great rendition of the newest iteration on the character. The exposed web-shooters and blue piping could have been awkward at such a small scale, but Hasbro appears to have pulled off the small details well enough. Sadly there's no unmasked (or even half-unmasked) head included, but it's a good start. There will be no lack of MCU/Sony Spider-Man merchandise in the future.

The other figures in the set, Captain America and Iron Man, are the same that just dropped in the most recent Marvel Legends build-a-figure set. The paint apps have been altered to allow the characters to have battle damage, but there are no significant differences in the bodies. Both Tony and Steve will have unmasked head sculpts in this set however, which is a little annoying to learn given that those easily could have been part of the single-carded figures. It does add a bit of incentive to get this set beyond Spider-Man though for those of us who don't typically double-dip.

If you were thinking this three-pack was a great way to add some figures for characters that were left out of the mix coughScarletWitchcough, you aren't alone. It's not like Hasbro hasn't done it before, but I guess we'll just keep holding out hope we see some of Civil War's other faces in figure form soon enough.

The Marvel Legends Captain America: Civil War three-pack will be available this August for $59.99.