A few weeks back the blogosphere took note as Marvel merchandise became available through Disney's online retailers. Now, according to ICv2, certain items can be found within the Magical Kingdom itself at the Downtown Disney D Street shop within the Disneyland Resort.

This first official offering of Marvel Merchandise inside of a Disney park seems like a sensible manifestation of the company's acquisition late last year. Yeah, Universal Studios still has their Marvel Island of Adventure and some territorial rights, but their reach only goes so far. Disney's comprehensive worldwide park holdings are well beyond the grasp of one island -- even a "Universal" one -- meaning Tokyo Disney and other non Florida locales could see a change before long as well.

Personally, I'd just love to visit Disneyland knowing I'd have the ability to buy one of those ice cream pops in the shape of Iron Man's head (you know, with the bubblegum eyeballs?) alongside one in the shape of Mickey's head and take bites of each delicious treat beneath the hot Anaheim sun while the Country Bears perform a crude medley.[Via the Orange County Register]

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