Hong Kong Disneyland Unveils ‘Iron Man Experience’ Ride
On January 17 of next year, Hong Kong Disneyland will finally pull back the curtain on their newest attraction, the Iron Man Experience. The immersive virtual simulation puts visitors right in Tony Stark’s jet-powered shoes, offering mere mortals the chance to live like the first breakout Avenger. The ride begins as you wake up, a nasty hangover pounding like a bass drum inside your skull. You roll over in bed, where three messy-haired models peacefully slumber. Look down, and oh no — your failing heart is in danger of conking out yet again, better drag yourself across the floor to get a replacement before cardiovascular stress ends your life. What fun!
Disney Offers New Details on ‘The Iron Man Experience’
The Iron Man Experience was first announced back in 2013 as a new attraction for Hong Kong Disneyland — yes, that means unless you want to pony up the cash for a vacation to China, you won’t get to hang out in Stark Tower. Yesterday at D23, the studio revealed some concept art and new details about the immersive experience of their first Marvel attraction.
Rumor: Disneyland Is Getting ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel Expansions
Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm and Marvel, theme-park fans have wondered when the company would start to take advantage of their shiny new properties in their theme parks. And for a good long time, there was nothing. Marvel presented a tangled web of rights issues. Star Wars proved a creative challenge. But now, the floodgates look like they’re about to open. New rumors concerning the presence of both franchises at California’s Disneyland have emerged and it sounds like Disney isn’t kidding around.
'Thor: Treasures of Asgard' Coming To Disneyland
Just in time for the Thor: The Dark World coming to theaters Nov. 8, Thor himself will be holding court at Disneyland starting this Friday. Marvel's mighty Thunder God will be part of the "Thor: Treasures of Asgard" attraction coming to the Innoventions section of Tomorrowland.
Hasbro Announces New ‘Star Tours’ Action Figure Sets
If, like me, you count yourselves among the pitiable number of Star Wars fans who never rode the original Star Tours ride before Boba Fett blew it up and, sadder still, have yet to experience the upgraded Star Tours: The Adventures Continue attraction at Disney's assorted theme parks (or even if you have), Hasbro's got new action figures in the pipeline that should provide some consolation... Rea
Marvel Merch Now On Sale in Disneyland
A few weeks back the blogosphere took note as Marvel merchandise became available through Disney's online retailers. Now, according to ICv2, certain items can be found within the Magical Kingdom itself at the Downtown Disney D Street shop within the Disneyland Resort...