Just in time for the Thor: The Dark World coming to theaters Nov. 8, Thor himself will be holding court at Disneyland starting this Friday.

Marvel's mighty Thunder God will be part of the "Thor: Treasures of Asgard" attraction coming to the Innoventions section of Tomorrowland.

The attraction will include Asgardian artifacts (or as some might call them, "movie props") such as Loki's helmet, manacles and dagger:


Thor: Treasures of Asgard


Also? Visitors will have the chance to travel across the Bifrost, according to Disney Parks blog. No word on what that portion of the attraction will look like just yet, but Friday's only just a few days away. Given that it's forecast to be a comfortable 75 degrees or so in Anaheim later this week, fans can probably expect more plastic than actual ice involved.