The Iron Man Experience was first announced back in 2013 as a new attraction for Hong Kong Disneyland — yes, that means unless you want to pony up the cash for a vacation to China, you won’t get to hang out in Stark Tower. Yesterday at D23, the studio revealed some concept art and new details about the immersive experience of their first Marvel attraction.

Disney partnered up with ILM to create The Iron Man Experience as part of the Stark Expo in Tomorrowland. The attraction offers a simulator ride that’s comparable to Star Tours, in which guests enter the Iron Wing — this is basically a giant Iron Man suit which flies into the air, and when HYDRA attacks in an attempt to steal the arc reactor, fans will help Iron Man stop the threat from inside the Iron Wing. That sounds like a pretty amazing concept.

Speaking of concepts, check out the art for Stark Expo, which will also allow guests to view inventions created by the Stark family (click for larger, high-res versions):


Disney Parks
Disney Parks


Unfortunately, The Iron Man Experience only has Hong Kong plans for now, but hopefully it won’t be too long before Disney brings some Marvel attractions stateside. The new info on the attraction comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of plans to expand Disneyland and Disneyworld by 14 acres each to build new Star Wars land expansions.


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