Following in the footsteps of last year's Heralds of Galactus box set, Diamond Select Toys has once again teamed with Toys 'R' Us for a pack of Marvel Minimates chosen by collectors. This year's box set is set for a fall 2012 release and will hone in on Marvel's Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, packing the four most popular characters among the Scarlet Witch, Protector, Phoenix-Buster Iron Man and the recently Phoenix-powered versions of Cyclops, Emma Frost and Colossus as voted on by fans at TRU's official voting page between now and July 14. Unlike a lot of online contests, voting for a favorite Minimate is pretty hassle-free over at TRU. There's nothing to register for, so fans can just click their favorite character and be on their way. I'm not sure whether I side with the Avengers or the X-Men in their current rumble, but I do know I side with whoever votes for the huge Phoenix-Buster Armor Iron Man -- just look at it! You can take a peek at all six Minimate designs currently up for voting after the cut.

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