Following suit with many of Marvel's other major movie properties, Ant-Man will soon be available in action figure form. This is hardly the first time Ant-Man has been brought to life as an action figure, but this is definitely the first time we can recall Paul Rudd ever getting his own toy.

Diamond's Marvel Select line has been going strong for years, bringing familiar characters like Spider-Man, Captain America and the Hulk to life with great detail. The line offers characters in slightly larger sizes (~7 inches) than the more readily available Marvel Legends series from Hasbro, which tends to run more in the 1/12 scale, but it also tends to offer slightly less articulation as well. The Ant-Man figure, due out this summer, will offer 16 points of articulation, most of which are clearly visible in the promotional image below  and originally provided to MTV.

Additionally, there will be a few different hands included for posing, and most importantly, a shrunken down version of Ant-Man. Though it's not quite down to ant size in scale, that a little Ant-Man is included at all is a nice touch. For our money, the best little Ant-Man ever made available was the itty-bitty one attached to one of Hawkeye's arrows in the original Marvel Legends line from way back when. Anyway, Gentle Giant's sculpt looks to capture the character rather well, even if we don't get a movie-accurate Paul Rudd likeness. The paint app on the mini-fig doesn't look as impressive (it's too bright), but that doesn't take too much away from the presentation in general.

The only thing missing from this preview of the upcoming figure is a look at the base, which is part of what makes the Marvel Select line interesting. While most figures at retail just include a figure and a few accessories, Diamond's line always has a unique base to create a sort of diorama for its figures. While it'll likely be some sort of lab shot like we've seen in the trailers, we can always dream of getting that bathtub complete with shower curtain.

The Marvel Select Ant-Man is due out this summer, and will retail for $24.99.

Diamond Select Toys
Diamond Select Toys

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