Spinning out of AvX and into Marvel NOW are the latest two sets of Marvel Minimates from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum. Joining the previously announced specialty store-centric Marvel Minimates series 51 this June is a 16th Toys "R" Us exclusive that's all about the most modern versions of the Avengers and X-Men. TRU's 2-packs will pair Iron Man in his Model 40 suit with Hulk and his Roving Observational Bot, R.O.B., Wolverine and Reaper (aka Sauron), Uncanny Avengers Captain America and Scarlet Witch and Phoenix Five Emma Frost and Colossus.

The upcoming TRU wave gives a home to Cyclops and Emma Frost designs that didn't wind up making their way into the previously released AvX box set, with the rest of the heroes acting as the latest comic book versions of established Minimate heroes. While this will only be Scarlet Witch's third figure, Wolverine's up to about 39, Captain America has topped 25 and Hulk has surpassed more than 20. The Model 40 suit is especially appropriate for Iron Man, as he's nearing his 40th actual Minimate incarnation.

You can take a better look at all the upcoming Marvel Minimates below.

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TRU Series 16

Series 51

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