Fans looking to fill holes in their collections and/or build a brand new team of righteously '80s and '90s New Mutants are going to dig Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum's 13th wave of Toys"R"Us exclusive Marvel Minimates coming in March. On the classic side of things there's a two-pack features a more fully armed version of The Punisher and a new "Spider-Sense" Spider-Man complete with what I like to call "sculpted head wiggles, plus a two-pack matching a more meaty Kingpin (the original sported much more svelte arms and legs) and a traditional Daredevil in his red duds. The real thrust of the line for longtime fans is this waves two New Mutants packs that pair an '80s Mirage and Magma, and a '90s Boomer and Rictor.It's nice to see that DST and AA packaged the toys in a way that benefits collectors and didn't pair the less recognizable New Mutants with the more iconic characters, especially given they're all headed to TRU. Really, though, the toymakers deserve a high five just for bringing Boomer and Rictor's amazing fashions to blocky life.

Click the image below to see the 13th wave of Toys"R"Us Marvel Minimates up close.

[Via Art Asylum]

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