I'm a total sucker for mod fashon, especially when mixed with a healthy dose of comic books, so I kind of freaked out when I came across this Mod Marvel cosplay group. These talented ladies gave some of Marvel's finest a mod makeover at last month's Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, creating some incredibly cute and wearable looks! Check them out after the cut.

Rogue cosplayed by Lilacwire [Tumblr] and photographed by Christa Newman

I love how Lilacwire deflated Rogue's signature '80s hairstyle into a cute, flipped hairdo with a touch of Rogue's white streak. The great thing about almost all of the classic X-Men costume designs is that many of them consist of heavy color-blocking, which actually permits them to easily translate into a mod ensemble (such as the dress worn by Ultimate Kitty Pryde), as seen in the yellow and green in this dress.
Emma Frost cosplayed by Makoto [Tumblr] and photographed by Lionel Lum

Because of X-Men: First Class, I can't help but think of Emma Frost as a '60s mod ice queen now, so a mod ensemble inspired by Emma Frost seems quite natural. I really love Makoto's wrist gloves and the chunky platformed ankle boots . If only I could read her mind to find out where she got them!

Jubilee cosplayed by Dahlia and photographed by Christa Newman

I'm quite impressed that Dahlia was able to transform and simplify one of the most '80s/'90s-styled X-Men into this incredibly chic shift dress that would even make Twiggy jealous of Jubilee's groovy mutation.

Ms. Marvel cosplayed by Ren [Tumblr] and photographed by Christa Newman

First of all, I love how Ren wore thick, bold cat-eyed glasses in place of Ms. Marvel's mask, and a thick red belt in place of Ms. Marvel's sash belt. I've always believed that knee-high/over-the-knee boots complement shorter hems (note: take a look at the boots that Ms. Marvel usually wears with her leotard), so I'm thrilled to see that reflected here as well; Ren's knee-high boots perfectly complement the flirty hem of her dress.

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