Cartoon Network's "The Superhero Squad Show" has cast an all-ages animated spotlight on a number of Marvel's less-than A-list characters in its first season, but the show's upcoming second season promises to push even more fan-favorites into prominence with an entire episode dedicated to Marvel's monsters.

In an interview with The Comics Continuum during Comic-Con, Marvel Animation's Cort Lane broke down what viewers can expect from the upcoming "This Man-Thing! This Monster!"

"Me and Tom Kenny [The voice of Iron Man, Captain America, MODOK and others] are big fans of the '70s monster titles and so we built a whole solo adventure for Iron Man that features Werewolf by Night and Dracula and Man-Thing and Ellen Brant, and when he saw that script he went crazy."

According to The Continuum, Dave Boat (the voice of Thor) will voice Dracula and Man-Thing while Nina Dobrev ("The Vampire Diaries") will guest star as Ellen Brandt and Rob Paulsen will guest star as Jack Russell.

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