To coincide with the Blu-Ray/DVD release of Iron Man 3 September 24, Marvel has released a free app for iOS devices that looks, sounds and helps you out just like Tony Stark's digital butler, JARVIS.

The app comes fully voiced by actor Paul Bettany, who also does the voice in the films, and can unlock hidden files in the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray disc, including images of Iron Man suits.

Beyond that, you can talk to the app and have it set alarms, tell you the weather forecast, remind you of appointments and post to Facebook. It's like Siri but with an English accent and lot more aquamarine.

Check out some images from the new app and a video introducing us to this version of JARVIS:




There's been some speculation that this app will plant the seed for Ultron taking over everyone's iPhones and iPads before 2015's Avengers: The Age of Ultron comes out, but that's ridiculous! Those characters are voiced by two different actors! Such a thing could never happen!

...Could it?