Marvel has announced a new book titled -- wait for it -- "Marvel Bromance," devoted to the close friendships between male superheroes. Since no cover image has been released for the recently announced "Marvel Bromance" collection, due out in late August, I have been forced to envision my own (left). Here's what Marvel has to say to say about it:

If This Be Bromance--! Marvel's greatest buddies take the spotlight in this one-of-a-kind collection, and it's male bonding like you've never seen - as Cable and Deadpool swap stories, Wonder Man and the Beast share a plane ride, Spidey and the Human Torch battle back-to-back, Wolverine makes a bet with Nightcrawler, Black Panther and Everett Ross lay their feelings on the line...and the Warriors Three set sail for fun! Plus: Captain America and the Falcon, Iron Man and Jim Rhodes, and more! Be here as Marvel says, "I love you, man!"

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