The Puzzle Quest franchise has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a Nintendo DS and PSP title. What started as a fantasy-themed, match-3 role-playing game has evolved a bit over the years to include franchises like Adventure Time and brands like Marvel. While D3 Go has been selective with how it expands the Puzzle Quest series, the Marvel Puzzle Quest branch has been a fairly big hit for the publisher on Facebook and mobile devices. So much so in fact, D3 is bringing the latest iteration to consoles later this year.

D3 Go and WayForward Games will be bringing mobile match-3 game Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign to consoles for the first time. Previously available only on Android, iOS and Facebook, Dark Reign was a free-to-play title that incorporated micro-transactions to open up roster spots, try to unlock rare characters and earn more of the coveted Iso-8. With the $14.99 price point comes the dismissal of those F2P transactions, and instead the full game will be open to players with few caveats. Unfortunately, one of those happens to be that the full roster won't be available at launch for any of the console ports.

A limited roster will be available at the start for the console version of Dark Reign, according to iDigital Times. More of the characters already in the mobile versions will be added later via DLC, but until Dark Reign arrives, we won't really know just how many characters are missing from this particular port. There are more than 80 characters currently playable in the existing versions. We do know that Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Venom, Doctor Doom, Magneto, and The Hood will be in there at the least. This will be the first time The Hood has been relevant since the conclusion of the actual "Dark Reign" comic book storyline.

Additionally, the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions will not be compatible with the existing mobile apps, meaning if you already have a profile for the mobile versions, you're going to be starting over from scratch on consoles. There is a bit of good news for this upcoming version however, as it will be the first game to offer local and online multiplayer. When it releases, you'll be able to take your team of heroes and villains up against a friend's online to see who really reigns supreme in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

If you do happen to play the mobile version already, there's also a sale running from now until Oct. 11, where Iso-8 and Hero Points will be discounted 30%. Because every single mobile game must now have a television ad thanks to Game of War and its incessant need to beat you over the head with the fact it exists, there is also a new ad for Marvel Puzzle Quest featuring Lou Ferrigno, who is inexplicably flying coach on a flight to destinations unknown. Everyone knows the Hulk flies first class, or he doesn't fly at all.

Both Marvel Puzzle Quest and Adventure Time Puzzle Quest will be on display at New York Comic Con this coming week, if you want a chance to see the games in action for yourself.