Marvel Television has released the first teaser for its forthcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series, set to air next year on the Disney XD channel. The clip introduces viewers to two of the animated cast -- Rocket Raccoon in gun-toting action, and Star-Lord offering up a taste of his best cocky swag -- and provides a taste of the show's fast-moving, neon-heavy animation style.

The animated series was "announced" at New York Comic-Con on Friday (it's been announced at least twice previously, including at San Diego Comic-Con, but people have short memories for things they haven't see). No official launch date has been given, as the series is still in production.

According to Steve Wacker, Marvel VP for animation, the series will pick up from the action in the movie and feature Thanos as a prominent villain. The series will also feature all the same characters as the movie, but not the actors.

The Guardians have already enjoyed a tour of Marvel's other Disney XD series -- Avengers Assemble, Agents of SMASH, and Web Warriors -- in anticipation of their spin-off. In those series they were voiced by actors Chris Cox (Star-Lord), Nika Futterman (Gamora), Kevin Michael Richardon (Groot), and David Sobolov (Drax). The voice of Rocket has been provided by both Seth Green and Trevor Devall.

Entertainment Weekly also offered a first look at the following promotional image for the series:



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