Madhouse showed off their flashy takes on Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Beast and Armor in the trailer for the upcoming X-Men anime, but now Japan's Animax and are giving fans a closer, more mellow look at the series with a new official poster image, character art and stills. Really, they look pretty composed for a team set to face down mutant organ harvesters. Their professionalism in anime seems X-Ceptional.The new art expands upon the X-Men anime ensemble shot we posted last week, giving fans a better shot at getting acquainted with the team before the series premieres on April 1 in Japan and this summer on G4 in the US (along with Madhouse's Iron Man and Wolverine anime series).

Judging from the initial trailer, it looks like the team will bounce between a few different looks as they reassemble in the wake of Jean Grey's death to save a kidnapped Armor from the mutant organ-stealing U-Men. Aside from Armor's practical battle suit, the team's looking a little glam for dealing with an insane cult that slices up muties, but if Wolverine wants to deal with paying a mondo dry cleaning bill for a bloodied uniform, then that's his deal.

Also, Madhouse seemed to take a major cue from the '90s X-Men animated series with their Professor X design. Kudos to you dudes for making me feel like I only need one action figure to portray two animated universes.

Peep all the new X-Men anime art below:

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