Madhouse's X-Men anime finally kicked off in Japan on Friday, making the wait for G4's planned summer premiere in the US (which will also be joined by the Iron Man and Wolverine anime series) all the more excruciating for excited fans. Antsy otaku can take some comfort in the new opening credits footage, which not only provides a proper visual to the show's synopsis, but also provides glimpses of Jean Grey's rise and fall as Phoenix/Dark Phoenix.Fans have known the show would reunite Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Beast and Armor after a Jean-grieving hiatus and its nice to that background info streamlined into the show's opening credits. There's still some sick monster inside of us all that wants to see an anime Scott Summers shouting "JEAAAAANNNNNN!!" as she meets her Phoenix Force end in a fuller flashback, though amirite?

Aside from Jean Grey's brief cameo, fans are treated to a basic X-Men roll call of sorts, amid shots of the team battling their mutant organ-harvesting foes. Some of the bad dudes look a little like sentinels, but we're assuming it's just the side effect of purple lighting on evil cyborgs.

See the new X-Men anime opening credits below:

[Via iFanboy]

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