Forget Iron Man vs. Captain America, this real video game battle this week is between Marvel and DC.

With today's release of "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2," easily one of the most coveted (by comic fans) video game releases of the year, it has to be asked: Will the title outsell "Batman: Arkham Asylum?" in its opening week?

"Arkham Asylum" has done some pretty impressive numbers since its debut last month, and what's more, it's achieved widespread critical acclaim, making it a tough act to follow.

"MUA2" has a few advantages in the bragging rights war, however, being released on more consoles and carrying the built-in audience from its previous installment. There's also the matter of its sheer number of characters and its multiplayer capabilities, which could very well attract cooperative gamers.

In the end, comparing these two games isn't the real conversation. Most fans with the available hardware will shell out the necessary dough for both titles if possible. Still, it'll be fun to see how "MUA2" stacks up to "Arkham" in both units and reviews.

Watch a trailer for "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2" after the jump... Thoughts?