There are battles and then there are the "Greatest Battles," which in the case of Hasbro's rumored Marvel Universe 3.75" action figure line of the same name might include clashes between Deadpool and Taskmaster, plus Patch (Wolverine) and the Silver Samurai. We say "rumored" because, well, at this time all fans have to go on are a few less-than-official images posted on the Hisstank forums by Ragi Foesmasher. Still, wishful thinking makes them seem pretty darn plausible 2011 releases.

Taskmaster and the Silver Samuari are both pretty logical characters to bring to life in the MU line, considering the number of iterations they've received in other toy lines by Toybiz and Hasbro.

Taskmaster starred in a pretty dope Marvel miniseries this past year and (like Deadpool) is a playable character in the upcoming Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, meaning he's got a little extra buzz to push him onto toy shelves this year.

The Silver Samurai's also had his share of comics exposure in recent years, playing significant roles in major crossovers and, well, being super shiny. You don't forget a dude that shiny, even if he kind of dies sometimes.

Check out the potential images of the two-packs below:

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