Many of Marvel's greatest hits are going back to press as part of a new initiative to put gateway stories in the hands of new readers under the not-so-subtle banner of "Marvel's Greatest Comics." Judging from the lineup, the name isn't really off-base.

Starting March 10, Marvel will offer a reprinted "Invincible Iron Man" #1 for free, followed by weekly $1 releases of "Captain America" #1, "Wonderful Wizard of Oz" #1, "Thor" #1 and "Punisher Max" #1.

The move is pretty reminiscent of DC's "After Watchmen: What's Next?" campaign that ran $1 "launch titles" from movie-ready properties like "Y: The Last Man" and "We3" in March of this past year.

Marvel's advising retailers to use the push to augment Free Comic Book Day in May, which seems like a pretty solid tactic given the number of major comic book motion picture releases this summer, namely Marvel's "Iron Man 2."

With Thor and Captain America set to star in their own films in 2011, the "Greatest Comics" lineup seems to have its ducks in very clear row. The addition of the all-ages Oz book and the mature Punisher title also seem like really solid ways to reach out to new eyes.

If I didn't own these all already, I'd be stoked to spend $5 for the full line.