Is an enchanted suit of armor going to destroy the Son of Odin? An unveiling of the Destroyer suit behind Odin's throne at Marvel's Comic-Con booth suggests Thor could very likely have at least a little trouble from the enchanted weapon in next summer's live action film.'s not giving away any details regarding the suit's in-movie activities. Loki could potentially set the Destroyer against Earth, leaving Thor to stand against it or it could just foreshadow trouble in a "Thor" sequel or even the upcoming "Avengers" film. Either way the thing looks EXACTLY like its comic counterpart - a true testament to the timeless design skills of Jack Kirby.

This new reveal follows yesterday's look at the helmets of Thor, Loki and Odin, who each have a different relationship with the suit. Odin built it, Loki uses it for evil and Thor fights it. At least it gets love from fans.

See the fan reaction from the floor after the jump.

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