Having already had a "mass effect" on the Xbox 360 (*Haw!) some months back, the sci-fi videogame hit Mass Effect 2 is now headed to Sony's PlayStation 3 with more than 6 hours of bonus missions and an "interactive comic" from Dark Horse Comics. Is it a motion comic? A digital comic? Part of the game itself? Dark Horse had no official comment when we asked them, but one thing's for sure, it's not a re-skinned version of the publisher's successful Mass Effect: Redemption miniseries.BioWare producer Jesse Houston confirmed the interactive comic on the publisher's forums a few days back:

We've talked briefly about the Interactive Comic. BioWare Edmonton (the group that made Mass Effect 2) teamed up with the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics to create an interactive backstory. While I can't release all the details about this yet, what I can tell you is that we want to create a stunning visual experience that not only tells the core story elements of Mass Effect 1, but also is fully interactive allowing you to be faced with some of the major choices which will have consequences your Mass Effect universe. This interactive comic's initial release will be exclusive to PS3 owners who would be otherwise unable to realize the full effect of choice in the Mass Effect universe and will be included on the Cerberus Network.

The game doesn't arrive until 2011, but this element could entice players who completed its 360 incarnation to seek the additional comic content. While Dark Horse has yet to officially comment on the nature of the interactive comic, considering the success of "Redemption" on digital devices like the iPhone, it seems like the new material (or something like it) could stand a chance of transitioning to other outlets like the PSP.

[Via Joystiq]