Updated: In yet another big announcement out of the's Cup O' Joe panel at C2E2, Marvel announced that Matt Fraction's indie masterpiece "Casanova," which was illustrated by brothers Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon and published by Image Comics, will soon be moving to Marvel's creator-owned Icon imprint, a shift that Fraction says "will allow us to do the book and to do it as we intended to do it."

The book will be repackaged and republished with extra materials and full color beginning in July, beginning with the first volume, "Luxuria." Since the issues were initially published in the 16-page "Slimline" format, the new Icon issues will be combined into 32-page "remixed" versions, each containing the equivalent of two original "Casanova" comics.

The second volume, "Gula," was never collected by Image and will be next; the third volume has been delayed for some time but is now on its way in full color, so this is fantastic news for fans of "Casanova." The recoloring will also expand the first two volumes to full color from the previously limited color palette of "Casanova" (volume one used only green, and volume two only blue). Check out images of the new coloring after the jump.