This past Sunday saw the return of "Doctor Who" with new Doctor Matt Smith and showrunner Steven Moffat taking over the series in "The Eleventh Hour." The transition is a big deal for "Who" fans of every ilk, but especially for toy collectors who may need shelves that are "bigger on the inside" to accommodate Underground Toys' latest 2-pack featuring the eleventh Doctor.

While the two new toys aren't technically the first action figures featuring Smith's likeness (that title belongs to the 4-figure "The End of Time" wave pictured on the left, which features a newly-regenerated Smith in Tennant's suit), this two-pack does give fans their first dose of Smith's new duds. The costume likenesses seem fully in accordance with "The Eleventh Hour's" storyline, although I admit Smith's face seems a little sadder than I'd like. Give us a smile, mate!

Another nice touch is Smith's new sonic screwdriver. The difference between his new and older models is pretty subtle at this scale, but it's cool to see Underground Toys went the extra mile with a new sculpt rather than a halfhearted new paint mod.

The 2-pack retails for around $25 at various online locales. I dig it for sure, but may hold out for a new Eleventh Doctor packaged in his new TARDIS. Heed my request Underground Toys!
[Via Toy Newsi]

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