While fans have yet to see a movie-specific action figure bearing the likeness of Ryan Reynolds or other "Green Lantern" film stars, Mattel showed up to Comic-Con with a strategic selection of GL toys from an upcoming "Classics" line in scale with their other DC Universe Classics 6" heroes and villains.

Expected to arrive in stores in October, the line's first wave is set to include Kyle Rayner, Black Hand, Manhunter, Sinestro Corps members Low and Maash (who come with interchangeable heads) and Black Lantern Abin Sur. Mongul will round out the line, although it's uncertain whether this version will be a reissue or an original sculpt. As with many DCUC lines, this GL wave will include build-a-character pieces, appropriately forming Arkillo this time around.

Bigbadtoystore currently features images of the toys as shown during Comic-Con, which bring a little more articulation to a few of the characters previously produced by DC Direct. Get a closer look after the jump.

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