As if receiving pantsless superheroes wasn't already the greatest news coming out of the "Justice League Unlimited" action figure line this year, here comes another doozy: more toys are on the way in 2010.

Mattel revealed the news that the "Justice League Unlimited" line is far from over on their Facebook page, stating: "JLU is going to continue in Spring 2010 at Target stores. We'll have some new figures to reveal at Toy Fair in NY at out collector event on Feb. 14th."

The bad news is that Matty Collector will no longer offer "Justice League Unlimited" four-packs starting in 2010.

"At the end of the day, there just was not enough interest in the 4 pack assortment to keep it going," the company's statement revealed. "And yes, we have heard from collectors who were looking for more direct requests in the packs. Well, to level with everyone, that was never in the cards."

I guess my request for shirtless robot ninjas is going to go unheard, then. Either way, it's nice to know that the awesome "JLU" figures will continue to roll out in the new year.

[Link via TNI]

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