If tangent universes suddenly started to bleed and Johnny Ryan an Charles Schultz formed a tarot card publishing company featuring notable comic book and video game heroes, you would expect their decks to be stuffed with the kind of artwork that Matthew Kaufenberg puts his name on. As an illustrator, he really seems to enjoy wrapping classic characters like Wolverine, Marty McFly and Dr. Doom around Stimpy-proportioned bodies, and as art lovers, we're completely OK with appreciating the prickly, broad-shouldered tributes to comics and games that he sells.

Kaufenberg has posted 2.5" by 3.5" trading-card-sized pieces of original art featuring Hellboy, Green Arrow and Venom on his deviantART account. He's still got a few left on sale for $20 a pop, and if you think they're worth it, they're yours for the taking.

Whether you're a toy fan, gamer or Marvel fanperson, you should see some beloved faces from "Mega Man," "Dead Space," "DuckTales" and few other sources, though not all together in the same group shots unfortunately.

[Via Thor]