The frustrating thing about following the work of a lot of visual artists is that you'll sometimes see a lovely illustration, filled with vibrant colors and lighting, attached to a caption along the lines of, "Had some free time during lunch," or, "Quick warmup sketch." Meanwhile, it takes me an hour to draw something that looks vaguely like a human being. I realize that this a skill some people develop with training and time, but it never fails to look like magic to me. Matthew Lau is one of those magicians, sharing his digital illustrations, frequently composed on his lunch hour.

Lau recently worked on Gameloft's mobile game based on the animated film Epic. Personally, I think I need to see some piece of media featuring his fantastically witchy cat lady. There's magic in that there yarn basket (and probably a few more kitties). You can follow Lau through his blog and deviantART.