Do you remember Mattias Adolfsson's mesmerizing Star Wars artwork? Well, he's got a few more universes worth of other densely packed doodles that you should also know about - namely, some magnificent hyper-detailed airships, a dinosaur taking in some classical music and an astronaut being greeted by a society of dogs.This Swedish dynamo of an artist's work really has to be put under a magnifying glass to be truly appreciated, and you can zoom to your heart's content over at Adolfsson's art blog. There, you will also find his album cover for the band Dance Gavin Dance and many other wonders.

While you're busy keeping your eyeballs in place, see if you can spot Kermit the Frog on the dashboard of his cockpit and the "Elephant Class" section of his giant fish ship. Seriously, each of Adolfsson's pieces should come with its own checklist of elements to track down Where's Waldo? style.

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