Don't you just love the holiday season? Sure, maybe the incessant Christmas music and decorations roundabout town are getting a little gratuitous, but any unease is easily remedied by the knowledge that the words "holiday" and "presents" are essentially synonymous. For action figure fans, that's absolutely a good thing.

Now that Hanukkah is halfway through and Christmas is fast approaching, it's time to hustle those gift orders into high gear - and if you already thought that you'd seen all of the cool toys available for purchase, guess again.

A series of exclusive action figures went on sale at Matty Collector today, including familiar faces from plenty of superhero and nerd-friendly franchises. For one, there is a brilliant 12" General Zod collectible that likely won't interrupt your wedding. There are also DC Super Friends versions of Robin and Hawkman that I would call adorable if I wasn't afraid that they would kick my butt for downplaying their masculinity.

But my personal favorites of Matty Collector's exclusives are the 12" Egon Spengler and the 6" Winston Zeddemore of Ghostbusters fame. There's a "two in the box, ready to go, we be fast and they be slow" joke in there somewhere, but I'm too busy fawning over these toys to find it.

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