In the spirit of Black Friday, Mattel's collector-focused has put its entire DC Universe lines on sale.

Here's the site's basic details - you can get all lawyery here.

-The sale is on until Monday, December 7.
-Buy any two or three DC Universe products and get 15 percent off
-Buy any four or more and get 25 percent off

Now, just so you don't think I'm shilling too hardcore - I will say that I only personally want about seven of the items that the site currently has in stock. The rest? Well, okay, I want those too...

My only real beef with this sale is that half of the cool stuff is already sold out. Keeping it posted is a total tease. If this sale weren't so decent I would be madder than several angry weaponers of Qward - possibly even as mad as a red lantern (minus the unending red puke).

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