Though Harley Quinn and the Joker have been making most of the Suicide Squad action figure waves (the latter despite only being in a portion of the film, and not a proper member of the Skwad), more of the cast is finally getting a moment in the sun. Now Will Smith isn't exactly known for giving his likeness rights to action figures, but it would appear some special exceptions have been made for his turn as Deadshot in the upcoming DC movie. While the mass market versions bare the same passing resemblance of his figures from past films, Medicom has gone all out to bring the real Fresh Prince to life.

Whatever your opinions on the costume design for Suicide Squad --- I happen to think Deadshot's is pretty good --- Medicom's captured it quite well. Even the small details, like the stitching on his collar that reads, "I am the light. The Way." are provided in clear, concise fashion. The armor details look great, and you get a real sense of his practical shielding. Deadshot's not a guy with extraordinary powers, so it definitely makes sense from him to come to the party with a little boost in the self-preservation department. All that plating also helps hide the various points of articulation (which are plentiful), without compromising on poseability. He might not be as agile as Harley Quinn, but Deadshot can still get creative with his stances.

It wouldn't be a Deadshot figure without his signature gauntlet pistols, and they're definitely captured in nice technical detail. The same can be said of all his weapons, including the three pistols and his automatic rifle. The rifle takes its design cues from his outfit, even going so far as to also include that same quote found on his collar. It's a little Biblical, but the Floyd Lawton we know from the comics has never been a penitent man. It'll be interesting to see if that's an element shown off in the film at all, particularly because of its seeming prominence on Deadshot's gear.

In addition to the Will Smith head, there's also a more traditional masked version included. Of all the things to change about the character design, slotting the red targeting scope on the opposite side versus how it looks in the comics seems rather trivial. That they included it at all without making it look ridiculous will just have to do. The unmasked head's version is just different enough to make it noticeable, but either way, you'll have it present on both versions no matter how you want to display Deadshot.

The Medicom MAFEX Suicide Squad Deadshot figure is slated for release in March 2017, and will retail for ~$60.


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