Though Medicom is far from the first company to show off a Knightmare Batman from this year's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it can count itself among very few to have a Joker action figure based on the upcoming Suicide Squad feature. Outside of Mattel's Toy Fair preview, there hasn't been much information on any Suicide Squad figures, but the MAFEX Joker looks to be miles ahead of anything else we've seen so far in the 6" form for DC's next movie.

Though Medicom didn't officially reveal the figure, the promo images were posted to Weibo (via ToyArk) showing off just what Medicom had in store for the new take on the Clown Prince of Crime. Divisive as this version of the Joker may be, it's hard to deny just how nice of a job Medicom has done capturing Jared Leto's interpretation. I guess you can say the same thing about Knightmare Batman too. You know, if you had to think of something nice to say.

While Knightmare Batman appeared in but a brief moment of BvS, he's getting his fair share of play in toy form. I'm not quite sure why though, beyond the obvious. The future vision Bruce Wayne has in the film is okay, but a Batman in a trenchcoat doesn't exactly make for a stunning toy. At least he comes with his trusty Bat-assault rifle and Bat-pistola. Those are some of the most important weapons in his utility belt, and too often toy makers opt to include batarangs (dumb) or grappling hooks (lame) instead.

The Ben Affleck head sculpt is actually rather decent, and I like the idea that Medicom is really mining those few minutes in the future for all they were worth by including a cowl for Superman to hold. Now you'll be able to recreate one of the greatest GIFs of all time. The cowl has a grip in there for Superman to hold it, but I suppose any character could technically grab it. At least I hope so. That would be a shame if only Superman's hand could fit the accessory.

The Joker figure looks to be a bit light in the accessorization front, but given that he's not a major player in the Suicide Squad movie, I guess it makes sense. I'm not wild about him being confined to that jacket. I'd much rather have seen a shirtless version so you can the most out of all those tattoos that set Leto's Joker apart from the past versions. Both head sculpts look good, but that screaming/laughing one is terrific. It's the kind of portrait more action figures should have, and expressing any kind of emotion at all gives it a few bonus points.

There's no date or price point available for the Joker just yet, but the Knightmare Batman should be available this December in Japan.

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