During New York Comic Con, two all-new licenses were unveiled for the very first time by Mega Bloks. The block-building sets the company already offers run the gamut from Halo to Skylanders to Assassin's Creed and beyond, but the latest additions to the company's portfolio have long deserved their chance to shine in construction set form. Though we'd known Mega Bloks had the Star Trek and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles licenses, no one had seen much of what the company had planned. Though no official TMNT sets were shown off, we did get to see the first figures across the three different series Mega Bloks is producing. There were plenty of Star Trek figures too, but the actual sets were what really caught our attention.

There are going to be plenty of sets released in 2016 and beyond, but at NYCC, Mega Bloks had three different kits for Star Trek on hand. Two comprised of ships, the very impressive classic USS Enterprise and the Klingon Battlecruiser, and the third was a transporter room set. All three looked impressive even in these early stages, but the scaled down Enterprise is definitely the star of the line. Or rather, it is for now without a bridge set on the horizon. One expects it can't be too far behind considering there's a transporter room already.

Each will come with a small assortment of figures, but there were more figures on hand than would actually be part of the kits shown off. Mega Bloks isn't talking about how or where the rest of the Star Trek officers will be made available, but everything at NYCC was supposedly on track to come out in 2016. The paint apps were a little rough up close on the floor, but you can definitely see the vibe and look Mega Bloks is going for with each interpretation. The "Mirror, Mirror" versions are a nice touch, as are the dress clothing versions, but I imagine most fans will be happy to just have the classic uniforms when these release.

The only things on display for TMNT were the new figures. All of the built sets on the show floor were not indicative of what Mega Bloks had planned, and were merely placeholders to show off the various characters getting figures. Three different lines are planned, one for pre-school, one for middle-aged kids, and one for teens and older. You can tell by the styling of the figures themselves, as the younger the lines get, the less articulation there is and the more cute the figures become. Mega Bloks will be releasing figures in sets and through blind bag two-packs, but didn't offer many details about which characters you'd be able to find in a given set.

The Star Trek line is due to arrive staring in March, so there's a Toy Fair between now and then to learn more. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mega Bloks start shipping on Jan. 1, so we should learn more before the holidays. Hopefully.


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