As a byproduct of the '90s, I must admit to an unhealthy, irrational love for all things Power Rangers. I'm not ashamed. The hastily Americanized Super Sentai adaptation and it's various sequel series throttled the greatest concepts of the '80s (giant transforming robots, ninjas, kaiju, buddy action films, science that works like magic, etc.) and processed them into one wonderfully illogical treat.

That's why's new "Megabot" comedy Web series is absolute perfection. It harnesses the high concept of Saban's "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" from the cynical perspective of coming-of-age Generation Yers.

Seriously, if countless hours of uninspired action show viewing are the price folks have to pay for finding this short hilarious, those lost months of time better spent playing outside are well worth it.

Check out the first episode after the jump, but be warned - there's some salty language and adult situations, capisce?

[Via io9]

I wonder if they're hiring?...