Whether a person is old enough to be nostalgic for it from the '70s or simply fell in love with it in the pages of Twisted ToyFare Theatre, for a lot of toy fans the 8" tall MEGO Spider-Man is more or less a must-have. Until now obtaining one has meant shelling out for pricey vintage toys of varying states of disrepair (mine, for example, has half its bare foot sticking out of its jumpsuit), but by the end of 2014 collectors will be able to score a versatile reissue as part of a three-in-one Limited Edition Collector's set from Diamond Select Toys and EMCE Toys.

Limited to just 3,000 pieces, each set will include a a single Spidey body that can be outfitted with Peter Parker parts, modern Spider-Man parts and of course MEGO-inspired parts (or any combination fans see fit). Accessories across these three looks include a camera, ten swappable hands, a copy of the Daily Bugle, a single web-shooter and and Spider-Man's utility belt. While it doesn't exactly match the look of the 1977-79 Spider-Man TV series, the single web-shooter/belt look is a nice homage to the time period.

The set is currently retailing for around $70 at sites like Entertainment Earth and others.

The figure will lead the way for a full-fledged line of similar sets for Captain America, Iron Man and (the previously MEGO-less) Wolverine, which are set for tentative 2015 arrivals.


Diamond Select Retro Spider-Man Collectors Set 1
Diamond Select Retro Spider-Man Collectors Set 2
Diamond Select Retro Spider-Man Collectors Set 3


[Via Marvel]

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